Bird English Study Phone Is appointed as the Exclusive Mobilephone for Chinese Sports Press in the 15th Doha Asian Games
Time: 2006-11-28 Read: 6506
         Bird English Study Phone, which is the new product of Bird Company, is the mobile phone combining the functions of entertainment and English study. Now, this new product has been appointed as the exclusive mobile phones for Chinese sports press in the 15th Doha Asian Games, which was held from December 1st. Bird English Study Phone will help the reporters much in international communication and information transmission.
       Bird Company has been supporting Chinese Sports Press for a long time. In Sep, 2000, Bird mobile phone was appointed the exclusive mobile phone for the interviews of Chinese sports press in the Olympics. In 2004, "Bird World Champion Photography Competition of 2004" was held by Bird Company and CSPA (China Sports Press Association). This is the first time that photography competition of Olympic Champions Topic ever held in China. As the only sponsor, Bird Company was not only the title sponsor, but she also provided the latest mobile phones with video function for all the Chinese sports reporters who went to Greece. Now, Bird English Study Phone is appointed as the special mobile phone for Chinese press in Doha, which showed and proved the brand strength of Bird.